Kristin Rechberger

Kristin Rechberger

Board Treasurer

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Kristin Rechberger is CEO of Dynamic Planet, working with governments and businesses to restore nature. Founded in 2012, Dynamic Planet focuses on three areas: economic incentives to help keep places protected effectively, sustainable resource use, and economic and ecological efficiencies in production and consumption through circular economy models.

Current projects around the world include new sustainable fisheries and tourism businesses with no-take marine reserves, holistic destination stewardship strategies, sustainable waste, water, energy and land management on islands and coastlines, and new apps for travelers to connect to places more deeply.

Prior to founding Dynamic Planet, Kristin was Senior Vice President of Global Programs and Partnerships at the National Geographic Society, where over 14 years she helped lead its global expansion through the launch and growth of its international cable channels, corporate partnerships, leadership gifts, and research, conservation, exploration, and education programs.

Prior to National Geographic, Kristin lived in Seoul, Korea as a Luce Foundation Fellow and traveled extensively throughout Asia for four more years, designing educational systems and producing documentary films.

In 2009 Kristin was selected as a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, where she has served on the Advisory Council and working groups including oceans, the sharing economy, and the future of global development. She is a judge of The Circulars, an annual World Economic Forum award for businesses, municipalities, and leaders who are driving economies that don’t rely on scarce natural resources for growth. She also serves on the advisory boards of National Geographic’s Pristine Seas, the Prince’s Charities International Sustainability Unit, Global Island Partnership, Sustainable Tourism International, and the Anacostia Waterfront Trust.

Kristin has a public policy degree and documentary film certificate from Duke University and has completed executive programs at Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Oxford, and is certified with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.